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Drug, Alcohol, & Substance Abuse Policy


The East Muskingum School District believe that the use and misuses of alcohol and other drugs is a societal problem of major proportions today. It reaches all segments of the population including adults and adolescents. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the family, the school, and the broader community as well as each individual to address the issue.

A major role of the school is to provide education and prevention programs for the children and adolescents at school and support the family and community efforts to address problems at home and out-of-school. It is also a responsibility of the school to provide early identification of high-risk and at-risk students and to assist with intervention and referral of those students for treatment at community resources. Each school will provide information about drug/alcohol counseling and rehabilitation programs and reentry programs available to the student.

An appropriate policy for Substance Violations defines the guidelines for possessing, using, selling, supplying, or transmitting mood altering chemicals (including alcohol) or drug paraphernalia in schools. It attends to those who violate school policy and assists law enforcement with its efforts to deal with the sale, possession, and distribution of illegal drugs.

Policies and procedures for the student athletic program is also provided for those students who accept the privilege of participating in sports. While this policy discourages the use of chemicals, it encourages treatment for those students who are found in violation of the policy.

To meet its obligation of staff involvement in policy and procedures, the School District provides for comprehensive staff development. This assures that each employee is (1) to receive knowledge on a regular basis; (2) to develop sound attitudes regarding their own and other's chemical health; (3) to develop skills within and outside of the classroom in applying strategies both to students and other staff members an (4) to be able to identify signs and symptoms of chemical use. The major purpose of staff development is to increase an awareness of the issue and provide support and knowledge to facilitate effective strategies for dealing with the education, prevention, and intervention of substance abuse within our schools.

The School District collaborates with both families and with the community in their efforts to address the problem. All procedures are evaluated regularly.

A copy of the standards of conduct and the statement of disciplinary actions required are provided for students and parents as provided in handbooks. This notification includes a statement that compliance with the standards of conduct is mandatory.

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