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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the bus come in to ___________subdivision?

There are some subdivisions that we will not send a school bus. Here are some of the reasons: a.)If the distance to the bus stop is less than .3 mile. (The State says the walking distance to the bus stop may be up to .5 mile) b.) Not adequate space to turn a bus around. (a bus requires a minimum of a 90 foot circle to turn around.) c.) The road may not be an approved Township road.

2. What is required of motorists when they see a bus stopping for students?

If you see the yellow lights flashing and the bus is still moving, you are expected to slow down and prepare to stop. If the lights are red and flashing and the bus is stopped, you are required to stop when coming from either direction if there are fewer than four lanes. If there are four lanes or more or there is a barrier in the middle, then you need to stop if you are coming from the rear.

3. Do I need to stop when approaching a bus from the front if they are stopping at a Railroad Crossing?

Only if there is a train coming. School buses are required to stop at Railroad Crossings whether or not they have students on board and whether or not a train is present.

4. What do I need to do when I need my child to ride a different bus/get off at a different stop?

You need to send a note to the school office. They will give your child a note to give to the bus driver. This is dependent on whether there is enough room on the bus for extra riders.

5. What can my child not bring on the bus?

Of course no weapons of any kind, tobacco products, drugs, etc. They are also not to bring glass, items larger than they can hold on their laps, and no live animals (except seeing eye dogs) or insects.

6. What determines bus stop locations?

There are several items that determine bus stops. Here are a few: a.) Visibility - we need 500 foot visibility from both directions if at all possible. b.) Bus stops too close together - we are to activate the yellow warning lights 300 feet before the bus stop. Students may be required to come to a central location if it is less than the 300 feet. c.) If the stop is less than .3 mile off the regular route requiring a bus to turn around, they will need to come to the end of their road. d.) Students cannot cross a four lane highway.

7. Why can't my child wait inside until the bus comes? It will only take a minute for them to come out.

The Ohio Administrative Code says that "pupils shall arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive." We are not to hold up traffic if no children are present. Also, each bus has between 25 to 30 stops. One minute at each stop would then require the first passenger to get up and arrive at their stop one-half hour earlier.

8. My child did not get off the bus. What should I do?

Don't panic. First, call the bus garage at 826-2275. We can check with the driver over the radio to see if your child may have been asleep or been playing and not realized it was their stop. Did they go to the sitter? Did they have after-school practice/youth club? Did a grandparent pick them up? We will do all we can to locate your child. If they are still on a bus, we will get them back to you as soon as possible.

9. What can I do to help my child's bus driver?

Have your student ready on time. Encourage your child to follow the rules on the bus. Speak positively about your driver in front of your child. If there is a concern, call the bus garage.

If you have any other questions, please call the bus garage at (740) 826-2275.